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Shanghai Yingce Technologies Limited is a high-tech company registered in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China in August 2021. It is a technology-based sales company. It is composed of multiple industries experts such as geologists, geophysicists, oceanographers, and hydrological experts who have over 20 years industry experience.

Shanghai Yingce Technologies Limited is headquartered in Shanghai, China,It has an Beijing office. And it has a technical support service center in Shanghai who provides technical services, pre-sales and after-sales technical consultation, and professional training for users in multiple industries in China. And its partners is in major cities around China. Its sales network has covered the domestic market in China. Its products are applied geophysical exploration instrument and monitoring systems, marine surveying and exploration instrument such as gravimeters, magnetometers, electrical and electromagnetic instruments, seismometers, ground penetrating radar, and logging instruments.

Shanghai Yingce Technologies Limited cooperates with well-known universities and research institutes, instrument and software manufacturers both domestically and internationally. It has sold advanced geophysical instruments, marine surveying and exploration instruments and software.

Shanghai Yingce Technologies Limited, with domestic instrument manufacturers and software companies, has provided customized research and development and production of geophysical instruments and specialized software to meet the localized professional diverse needs from customers. Shanghai Yingce Technologies Limited has modified and upgraded the instruments and has written special software for the geophysical application.

Shanghai Yingce Technologies Limited adopts various space mobile platforms (underwater unmanned autonomous vehicles, surface unmanned ships, ground robots, wall climbing robots, drones), applies geophysical and marine surveying and mapping exploration instrument and software for system integration, and provides end customers with testing solutions, system integration, and turnkey products.

Shanghai Yingce Technologies Limited is committed to contributing to the geophysical and marine exploration industries in China.

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